Parenting a tween or teen can be challenging.  Adolescence is a difficult time because it brings so many difficult experiences for parents and the developing child.  There are hormonal changes, peer-related issues, and the struggle for self-discovery.  Every parent wants a happy, healthy child yet during this time; all the parenting rules go out the window.  You might find yourself lying awake at night worrying about your child. Is your teen experiencing mood swings yet you’re unsure if something is wrong or is this normal? You’re concerned about the friend choices, and you really want to trust your child, but it’s so hard. It might feel like your child doesn’t like you and there may be times when you don’t like your child. We get it and can help to make parenting teens more peaceful

We work to help parents feel confident in the discipline and decisions they make concerning their adolescents. We work to help teens feel better about themselves and make right choices even when they are around their peers. We help them to avoid some of the common pitfalls in this stage of development–drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and so much more. Our teen specialists are here to listen to your concerns and your child. We want you to enjoy every moment of your child’s development, even adolescence. Call us 302-292-1334 x0,  and get an appointment. Even if your teen refuses to come to the first session, don’t let that stop you from calling. We know how to get them to open up and receive the help to make their future even brighter.



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