“Shea has been a critical player in the success of many students at East Side, and her knowledge and passion is apparent to anyone that she has worked with. Shea is incredibly accountable. She visits East Side twice a week, is always on time, and checks in upon arrival. She services a caseload of around 25 students, all of which eagerly await their weekly meeting with Shea. She is also very compassionate; she cares deeply about her clients and checks in even on days that she isn’t scheduled to be at East Side. Most of all, the relationship that Shea builds with her clients is based on trust and respect, and the thoughtful interventions that she uses with them prove to be successful in each student’s social and academic environment.”
Heather Lappi
East Side Charter School Psychologist & Counselor
“Our school is almost at a 100% poverty level. To have therapeutic services located in the school is invaluable. Our families struggle with transportation and reaching outside resources so for a family to be able to come to our neighborhood school is not only helpful but one of the key components for us to work as a team to make sure our children are being offered what they need to be successful in school. In the past three years I have seen many children transform with the help of a CCD therapist. We tend to work with a lot of PTSD, grief and loss, child abuse/neglect, domestic violence, anxiety and separation. The CCD therapist is very strong in teaching the children/clients anger management techniques, emotional literacy, coping skills, classroom behavior management and many more. There are many things a CCD therapist does for our school such as individual therapy, family therapy, PCIT, classroom observations, IEP meetings and home visits. We are lucky enough to have two therapists come to our school one time a week. This helps us all work as a team to case plan, set goals for the child and the family and to monitor our progress. The services CCD provides are an integral part of our student services. We feel very fortunate to have the CCD working with us.”
Nicole Romano
Stubbs Elementary School
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