Parent Coaching Program

Sometimes parenting can be so difficult---“If only they came with instructions!”. 

Unfortunately, children don’t come with a set of instructions and even the best parents struggle from time to time.  Some children present with challenging behaviors that leave parents feeling stuck.  You want to make the right choices, and perhaps your patience runs thin at times.  You’ve run out of ideas on how to discipline your child, and frankly, nothing is working.  Simple things like going to the grocery store or asking your child to pick up toys become a disaster.  You find yourself exhausted, feeling alone or even judged by others.  How do other parents make it seem so easy?  Is it you?   If you could just have one day, one day of peace, you'll be happy.

We provide coaching to parents of children ages 2 to 7 years old.  Our coaching services help parents of children who have problems with defiance, aggression, anger, temper tantrums, difficulty listening, refusal to obey simple commands, day care challenges.

How we work

  • Since this is coaching and not therapy, we work with your virtually.  We use a secure, private connection.  All you need is a private space and a device that has a camera.
  • We conduct weekly coaching sessions with you and your child using evidence-based techniques to teach you skills that will change your child's most troublesome behaviors.
  • You can securely text us between sessions if you're dealing with a challenging situation.  We'll coach you through it.
  • It usually takes less than eight sessions, and you'll start to see positive changes. 
  •  If you'd like, we can teach the same skills you will learn to your daycare provider or school.   That way your child is receiving consistent messages to help manage behaviors at home and school.
  • Who are the parent coaches?  We are experts in helping to turn around challenging behaviors.  We only work with families of children ages 2-7 because the techniques we use work best with this age group  We have years of expert and training to help parents. 

We will help you get your life back.  No more phone calls from day care or school.  No more meltdowns in the grocery store.  Imagine the day when you ask your child to pick up toys, and they do it the first time.  For the times when necessary, you will have discipline techniques that work.  It is very stressful parenting children who don't listen or throw a fit when asked to do the simplest task.  It takes a toll on you, your marriage and the parenting relationship.

We'll help you and work with you until your child improves.

Please call us now.  Ask to speak with one of our parenting experts--Lisa Savage or Rebecca Roebke.  We'll talk to you about your situation and how one of our coaches can help you feel more in control. 

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