Healthy Family Program

We recognize that adults and children are struggling with weight problems in record numbers.  Obesity-related health conditions are growing in children (high blood pressure, cholesterol, joint problems, diabetes) There is increasing research that links stress and trauma to unhealthy eating and weight gain.  Children who are overweight are more likely to become obese adults. Children with weight problems are often the victims of bullying resulting in poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety and sometimes self-destructive behaviors. 

Our approach to helping families where there are weight problems is to focus on the emotional component in collaboration with a dietitian and personal medical doctor.    We help people gain control over what is ‘eating’ them to help them manage their weight and health.     We help clients to like and accept themselves. 

Clients can expect to lose weight in a safe and accepting environment.   We work at the pace of the individual to set realistic goals and improve overall health.




  1. How do I get my family involved in the program?
    Call our office for an appointment with one of our specialists.  We will see if your insurance covers the counseling.  Some insurance companies provide coverage for the dietitian, but you should call your insurance company to make sure. 

  2. How much does the program cost?
    In most instances, your insurance will pay for the counseling provided you have an emotional condition like depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and so forth.  If you do not, your out of pocket costs are:
    150.00 for the initial assessment
    125.00 for follow up appointments
    100.00 for the assessment
    75.00 for the follow-up appointments
    If you are paying out of pocket, you have to pay at the time of your visit.  We accept Health Savings Accounts and credit cards.  Some clients elect to pay out of pocket to avoid a diagnosis.  That is a choice you can make.

  3. How many sessions will I need to attend?
    This will vary from person to person. However, our program typically calls for clients to attend 20 sessions that will occur weekly or bi-weekly.

  4. What if I want my entire family to participate in the program?
    We think this is ideal.  Each family member will be assigned an individual therapist, but there will also be family meetings.  The dietitian can meet with your family individually or as a group?

  5. Will I lose weight?
    This will depend on your goals?  If you want to lose weight, we will help with that process.  Making simple changes and eating mindfully often results in weight loss that is permanent.

  6. What if I want to have bariatric surgery?
    Weight-loss surgery can be beneficial for some people. However, we’ve seen people regain their weight if they don’t deal with the emotional component to eating.   If you decide you want the surgery, get connected with this program and we will help you to avoid the dreaded regaining of weight.

  7. What happens when I complete the program?
    You will be on our maintenance plan.  That means while you won't need to be seen as often, you can do 'check-ins' with the counselor and dietitian to help you stay on track. 


Call and speak with a specialist in the Healthy Family Program today.  You can improve your emotional and physical health by understanding how your emotions and eating are connected and then making small changes to your eating choices.


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