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Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself and your family.  Many of us experience challenges and  major decisions that are sometimes best served with the guidance of a professional.  Our team is capable and experienced to guide you and your family through difficult situations. 

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Parent Coaching

Is your child defiant? Won't listen? Does it take multiple times of you asking to get your child to comply with your requests? If so, our online parent coaching classes are for you! These classes will be held via secure webcam from the comfort of your home and available for parents with a child between the ages of 2-7.

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The Center for Child Development is committed to providing education on topics that pertain to parenting, child development, relationship enhancement and many others.  We offer online webinars for consumers and professionals. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates about our webinars.

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Enchancing Mental Health Through Life Span

The Center for Child Development (CCD) is managed by Lisa Savage, LCSW. CCD provides superior mental health services to K-12th grade students as a complement to existing school services.

We have a center dedicated to Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), which is especially effective with children ages 2-7 exhibiting emotional and behavior difficulties. The Center for Child Development's therapists have been trained in this effective modality and continue to receive ongoing consultation from experts in the state of Delaware.
"CCD has expanded our school’s capacity to respond to the needs of our students where they are. In addition, the confidentiality of their services provides some families with the reassurance that their privacy will be respected; that the school does not need to “know their business” in order for their child to get help. As a school psychologist with experience of several CCD therapists and their impact at (our school), I highly recommend the school-based services of the Center for Child Development."
- Elementary School Psychologist

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You’re stressed, frustrated, feeling inadequate, and questioning everything about your parenting. The kids won’t listen, your spouse has tuned you out, and you’re having fantasies of running away. You’ve stopped complaining about the sink full of dirty dishes, and if the laundry gets done, it’s a miracle. You might find that going to work a reprieve from the madness going on in your home. We get it and have been there, too. It’s what we call parent burnout. Here are … read more

Back in 2004, I was approached by the Christina School District about providing mental health services in middle schools. I had managed two high school wellness centers, so I was quite familiar with how to integrate ancillary services in an educational setting. The notion of having therapists in schools was foreign to some, but no one ever questions why schools have nurses, speech or occupational therapists. So why not mental health therapists? In part, the struggle lies with the stigma … read more