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Psychotherapy is an investment in yourself and your family. Many of us experience challenges and major decisions that are sometimes best served with the guidance of a professional. Our team is capable and experienced to guide you and your family through difficult situations.

Parent Coaching

Is your child defiant? Won’t listen? Does it take multiple times of you asking to get your child to comply with your requests? If so, our online parent coaching classes are for you! These classes will be held via secure webcam from the comfort of your home and available for parents with a child between the ages of 2-7. 


The Center for Child Development is committed to providing education on topics that pertain to parenting, child development, relationship enhancement and many others.  We offer online webinars for consumers and professionals. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates about our webinars. 

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If we really care about children

  If we really care about children, we must be intentional about how we support their development on every level. Healthy and thriving adults don’t

Wanda Miller, MSW

Wanda Miller, MSW joined the team at CCD a month ago and we’re thrilled she’s here.  Wanda has a wealth of experience, but mostly a

CCD has expanded our school’s capacity to respond to the needs of our students where they are. In addition, the confidentiality of their services provides some families with the reassurance that their privacy will be respected; that the school does not need to “know their business” in order for their child to get help. As a school psychologist with experience of several CCD therapists and their impact at (our school), I highly recommend the school-based services of the Center for Child Development.
Elementary School Psychologist

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